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The firm of ALIA ADHAL, P.A. is a client-based firm dedicated to going on this journey with the goal of a peaceful new beginning for you. Our mission is to provide you with timely closure and reduce unnecessary litigation costs and stress. We bring to you all options and allow you to make your own independent decision, with our experience and guidance, as your support. While we understand that not each marriage will end peacefully, we will strive to guide you on a peaceful journey. Our goal is to end this moment of despondency with ease. As an attorney in Panama City, Florida, I have been litigated many cases. I have fourteen years of trial experience to draw from and assist the client, and an amazing support staff that is willing to assist you through litigation. We will zealously advocate for your best interest throughout the process.




Alia Adhal Biography


In 1982, a young Alia Adhal moved with her family from Pittsburgh, PA to Panama City. Graduating with the Mosley class of 1989, Alia went on to Gulf Coast and Florida State University, attaining a bachelors of Science degree. Alia continued her pursuit of education at Florida Coastal School of Law in 2000. Since then, Alia has diligently worked in the field of law. She has 12 years of trial experience, concentrating on Family Law and Immigration Law.